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Parents, kids and boundaries

So, I don't have kids. Like em, just don't want my own. I'm never sure what boundaries are in public, especially when they get in my space in a way that's socially unacceptable. Prime example: on the bus today (the one day my car is out of commission), kid and his mamma sit down in front of me, kid is two or three. Kid turns around, smiles at me and smacks my leg. Hard. I said in my person who volunteers with kids voice " Hey dude, that hurt! We don't hit people!" and his mum glares at me and turns him around. About five minutes later I ask " Your kid hit me, are you going to apologize?" and she loses it " MAYBE IF YOU F**** SAID SOMETHING TO ME NOT MY KID, I'LL MAKE SURE HE WASHES HIS HANDS AFTER TOUCHING YOUR METHHEAD WHORE LEGS" at the top of her lungs. My legs are still...bitey? from Belize, it looks bad. I said " Well then" and she turned around again. So, was that a huge boundary breach on my part? She totally overreacted, and needed to either explain that her kid wasn't neurotypical if that was the case or tell him very clearly that hitting is Not Okay.


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