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Parents of a 15 year old diabetic boy who died of starvation charged in his death

This story is horrific. In May of 2013, paramedics were called to the home of the Radita family. Inside they found Alex, an emaciated 15 year old boy, WHO WEIGHED 37 POUNDS. He was also suffering from infected bedsores, which is what was ultimately ruled as cause of death.

The parents told paramedics he had been diagnosed with diabetes the previous month, but that was a lie. Alex had been diagnosed at the age of three. After repeated hospitalizations, and nearly dying, he had been placed in care by British Columbia Social Services for a year. The parents got him back after a year, on the condition that he make regular visits to the doctor.

But then they moved to Alberta and he fell through the cracks. Once there, his parents never took him to the doctor and homeschooled him, so he had no contact with outsiders.


Electronic blood sugar monitors in the home indicated that they were testing his blood sugar once a month. The family also did not buy insulin for the six months prior to his death.

The day he died, the parents called friends over to pray for him, before they called 911.

This poor boy. He literally wasted away for years. He apparently had adult siblings living in the home as well. How in the hell does a group of adults let this happen? The article rather cryptically says the parents “did not trust his diagnosis”. What the hell does that mean? Are there actually people out there who don’t believe in diabetes?

Sir Fredrick Banting and Dr. Charles Best are spinning in their graves. When Banting and Best discovered insulin, they refused to patent it, so that it could be made available as cheaply as possible, and prevent this sort of death.


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