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I was watching a commercial for London Has Fallen. I so want to see it. Well I had a flashback to circa 1970. My late grandmother’s late sister would come to our house and she always sang this Nursery song. I thought it was a whole song she sang. Well as a result as a little kid around 4 and 5 I was always stressed about these and to this day they are not my favorite things to go over.

The song goes and all she sang which until today I thought was the entire thing was.

London Bridges Falling Down

Falling Down, Falling Down

London Bridges Falling Down

London Bridges All Fall Down

My Fair Lady

Well for decades I thought that was it. I always wondered why on Earth would any adult sing this to a toddler. Is this nursery song even popular any more? If so do NOT stop after the first verse like my late grandmother’s late sister did. It is just morbid if you do unless you do not mind scaring kids about bridges.


Here is the entire Nursery rhyme.


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