Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Who has watched the latest Parks and Rec and wants to discuss it with me. Here are my thoughts as I watch it.

Episode 1:

  1. WTF is Ron doing with a building and developing company? If anybody on the show wouldn't want a development built it would be him. The only way I could see him being after it would be him buying the land with his stashed gold and building a cabin in the most isolated part of it. I kind of hope this is a long con for him.
  2. April's boobs look amazing in that red dress!
  3. Andy with his own Johnny Karate tv show! Love it!
  4. Oh Ben, you'll never get away from Ice Town.
  5. I want a skewer of bacon wrapped shrimp!
  6. Andy's right, weiners are kind of dumb looking.
  7. Why don't I have a hot fudge pipeline in my town?

Episode 2:

  1. I love off the deep end Joan Calamezzo
  2. It's not chicken parm, it's "chicky chicky parm parm", surprised that wasn't brought up.
  3. I love that Ron can still smell Tammy 2's presence.
  4. If they never tell us what Morning Star is, I will be very upset.
  5. I love Leslie's Tammy impression.
  6. My favorite friendship on the show is Ben and April.

Talk to me friends!


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