DID Y'ALL SEE THE PARKS AND REC EPISODE 'PIE-MARY' LAST NIGHT??? It was seriously the greatest episode of television, in the greatest series ever. (I'm only exaggerating a little bit.)

Ben is running for congress. Leslie is running a branch of the national park's service. They've got their plates full, understandably. They opt out of the annual squash throwing, and the pie-mary when Jen presses them and their schedule.

"The Pie-mary is a southern-Indiana tradition where congressional candidates wives face off in a pie-baking contest. The last contest's winner? Was June Hartwell's buttermilk meringue. Last contest's loser was all women."

She opts out because of time constraints, but is soon subjected to a barrage of questioning about her "statement" about skipping it.

"Do you EVER cook for your children? Who's even watching them right now, while you're out God-only-knows-where??"

"I'm standing right here."


They even have last year's pie winner chime in on the pile-on.

"Mrs. Knope tried to have it all. I chose to put my family first."

Did you see the "male-men" MRA activists? "Men have had a very rough go of it very recently!"


This episode put into words all of the best things you constantly want to say to the media about gender. And it has a fantastic resolution. I loved everything.


Bonus: Madeleine Albright is Leslie's friend!

Bonus x 2: Ron has brother(s), but we're not 100% sure how many.