SPOILERS - probably. It's Parks & Rec's though, so it's not that there is huge, shocking plot points. It's lovely and funny, and if you haven't watched it yet, just do it.

You guys, after last week's super feminist episode, does anyone else the writers are just covertly swinging from the fences? Because it's not like they can cancel the show. The commercials during the Johnny Karate episode were perfect. From the indian casino making their money back from the white man one quarter at time, to the Chipotle, Verizon, Exxon conglomerate, to the pitch perfect delicious looking Paunch Burger commercial, the show has never been better. And I have to believe is because there is no fear that there will be repercussions to the show. (Although it's NBC, and they have been excellent to their comedies).

Plus, I love that the writers are using the last season to actually give satisfying send offs to the characters. The whole Johnny Karate episode was so great, especially since it showed how incorporated the series regulars were in Andy's project, and they gave him an excellent send off and they addressed April's guilt on ending such excellence. It was so nice to see that world. And Gary is the major! The show has been softening the mistreatment this season a lot (it got out of control from being laughing at a doofish co-worker's misadventures to being just mean for awhile) and has had the characters showing him loving respect this season, which is nice. And now he's major, and it's perfect. I think he will be the major for a long time. AND BILL MURRAY CAMEO!

I love this show. I'm so sad it's leaving. But I am so glad it looks like it is being ended with loving care.