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Welcome To The Bitchery

Did anyone else see this? I'm not sure what's going on here. Are they making fun of white audiences for not going to watch "black" movies? Making fun of Tyler Perry shit? A little of both (which is the one I suspect)?



I think the reason this makes me a little uncomfortable is the same reason the Inner City Substitute sketch on Key and Peele made me a squirm a little—do the people being mocked know they're being mocked?


This, like the A-aron bit, is mocking mainstream "white" culture. For the K+P thing, it was people who assume that black folk don't know how to name kids, name our kids "weird names", and then get angry when they're mispronounced.

This skit seems to be about people who made a huge deal of Best Man's Holiday actually making money in theaters? People would want to see a movie made up of talented actors? Whaaaaat? You can make a movie with more than 1 black person that's not about slavery, civil rights, or has Will Smith in it and people will watch it? Whaaaat? Perhaps people want to see minorities in movies? Nope.


But how many people will miss that and think it's making fun of "black" movies (and black people)? How fucking sick am I of people saying "A-aron" or "Tim-oh-thy" and thinking it's making fun of "black people names" and not the people who insist they know how to pronounce shit.

I've always understood why Chapelle gave up his show—being understood is wonderful, but having people misunderstand makes it soo much worse.

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