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Part 1. Pulp novels where to start: best of first half 1900s.

I lean heavily to pulp that is action driven and or leans to fantastical. Fantastical seems to be dead. Edgar Rice Burroughs was a master at fantastical fiction.

Three I highly suggest and all three were masters although at times you have to consider times when they wrote. This was an era where facial feaures connected to character traits.

Edgar Rice Burroughs. Fantasy, sf and the fantastical. Civilizations on Mars, hidden civilizations on Earth. Islands where time forgot. World inside our world literally. I highly recommend the Caspek trilogy. Its often connected as one book.


Next is Robert E Howard fantasy along with realism in other stories. He invented swords and sorcery genre. He also essentially wrote novellas yet masterpieces in which most other writers would turn in 600 page bricks.

Now the third. Highly prolific and to me does not get credit he deserves. Who is this wrter.


Lester Dent. Who?


A writer who went by one famous name Kenneth Robeson. Most famous for his series Doc Savage. A lot f fantastical stories hidden civilizations. Also what appears to be fantastical but explained. Music the kills, ghosts, goblins etc.

I have a link to a book called Larger Than Life about Dent. Page 103 should be read by writers today. Dent telling ghost writers who aided him “not to tell” when writing, not to focus on emotions, describe how a character feels by using “eyes popped out” and other physical reactions instead of using word surprise. Dent even though he used stereotypes told ghost writers to never slam a person based on race, ethnicity, nationality etc. For the 30s and early 40s that was fairly progressive.


I love Ham and Monk in the Savage novels. They always fought yet risk their own safety for the other. The books can be very funny.


Hope this gets you started. If you decide to read anything read Caspek.

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