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part 2

Let’s start with another NYC anthem, one of my personal top 5; Miss Alicia:

Yes, I wrote & shared Part 1. Again, posting late on purpose.

I don’t know how to do the blue word highlight, so here’s the post:


I’ve successfully run away to my best place & have been here for 72 glorious hours. So, part 2 (possibly more parts) is still in & with me, but I’m letting go of it for now. I wrote it, put it aside and that is enough for now. Some of you read the first & responded and that was a great comfort to me.

Sharing Part 1 with y’all was enough. The friendship shown here means so much to me. Thank you, truly, for letting me talk about it all.

Good night, GT. You continue to surprise and inspire me. You’ve been an internet sister to me. xo

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