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Partial Cancer Cat Update

I'm kinda exhausted so this will only be a little. nuKinja is prohibiting me from recommending every reply to the previous post and I'm a little too exhausted to reply to everyone.

Thank you EVERYONE who has written something nice or even just spared a few thoughts to read about Madison's experience so far. This has all been in THE LAST 6 DAYS, if you can believe that. CRAZY!!!!

Everything says mammary tumor. 80-90% of mammary tumors are malignant with cats. Partial mastectomy and chemo are recommended. Mastectomy is recommended for ASAP considering the tumor growth that has happened in only the past few months. This means SATURDAY or TUESDAY (Husband's birthday). It could've been tomorrow but I know Husband will want to see her before she goes under the knife.


Chemo will take place 2-3 weeks after surgery. What kind and which way to administer it (IV or oral) will depend on what type of tumor and what stage it is.

Surgery estimates? Upwards of $2700. Chemo? Safe estimate with no basis in reality is $2500.

CareCredit is the only pay variation that they accept. I'm going to apply for it tonight after I allow myself some zoning out time.

Again, this happened in the past six days. I'm sharing because duh, GroupThink and for myself BUT also for everyone who hasn't had this experience to know what to look out for (PET YOUR DAMN ANIMALS PEOPLE!) and what happens in a situation like this. With cats living longer, cancer occurs more often. However, there's not as much research with cats due to this increased longevity.


Ugh. Going to go into a short coma now. Health? Yea?

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