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Parting is not sweet sorrow, it is sorrow

I just said goodbye on my blog that i've written for over 8 years. It is not a safe place for me to write anymore.

When i started writing, i was recently retired and happily (i thought) married. Now i am (unhappily) divorced and grieving. My ex-husband walked out the door 10 minutes after telling me that he had been sleeping with someone else. He moved right in with her and is now married to her. I'm the garbage he threw away.

My daughter discovered my blog by googling the names of my cats. Plus I foolishly gave the blog address to a friend who keeps asking me me if my therapist thinks it is "normal" for me to be taking so long to "get over it."


I learned so much from my blogging days. I am a writer. I can tell a story so that people understand.


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