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hey all! I want to talk about my favorite topic:FOOD. Plus bonus random health type question at the end if you’re so inclined.

Tomorrow I am going to a cookout in the early afternoon. For some reason I am drawing a blank on what to bring (maybe it has to do with my health issue????)... I’d love any and all ideas for outdoor cookout party appetizer ideas. I’d prefer them to not have to be heated to serve, so able to serve cold or room temp. Send em my way!!!!

My health problem: I have absolutely no idea why but I seem to have developed a quarter sized soft bump on the left side of my head, just past my temple. Guys it HURTS!!!!! It is very tender the touch but it is constantly hurting too. The worst pain is localized around the bump but also hurts all over the left side.Eating and drinking is beginning to hurt too, with all he pain on the left side. I iced it for an hour and plan to do it again later. Why is this happening? What else can I do to make it stop hurting so much? Also is this really bad? Help!!!!


Thank you !!!!!!

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