For all of you who chimed on in whether or not the food I was planning was kosher, turns out it was! The potato latke cupcake things were a hit. Everyone liked them! They were like sophisticated tater tots :)

Here’s the potato recipe for anyone who wants to know:

  • Several large potatoes, peeled (I used 3 yukon golds and 1 russet)
  • Salt/pepper
  • spices to taste (I used garlic powder and paprika)
  • olive oil for baking

I had a food processor, so I used the shredding attachment and shredded them that way. If you don’t have one, you can use a cheese shredder.


I let the potatoes drain for a bit. The Yukon Golds seem to be less watery, so this batch wasn’t as dripping wet as the one I made the night before with mostly Russets.

Add salt, pepper, and spices as you like, mix vigorously. I like to put a second bowl on top of the bowl I’m using and shake the whole thing around. It really gets an even coating on things.

Evenly coat cupcake holders with vegetable oil. Add potato mix. There’s no rising or anything, so as full as you make it is as full as it’ll come out.

Bake for 30 minutes, or until edges are dark golden brown and crispy. I baked mine at 350, but mine were flat. If you do fuller cupcakes, might want to up the temp a bit.


For the toppings, I did a avocado filling (avo, red onion, garlic), and a cream cheese filling (cream cheese blended with green onion, thyme, oregano), topped with a mini arugula and spinach salad (arugula and spinach, loosely chopped, drizzled with a bit of fresh-squeezed lemon). I added the spinach to the arugula after tasting because just the arugula was way too peppery. The spinach cut the pepper flavor a bit.

Put the filling on the potato cupcake, top with some of the salad stuff, and serve. Warm is best. With the spinach and arugula, it can go back into the over for warming, as the greens will just wilt a bit (kinda keeps them on the potato cupcake better that way, though).


Here are pics. Sorry the last one is blurry. I apparently can’t take a good pic. But the last one is the whole spread of all the crostinis I made for the dinner party last night.

Draining off the water


Spices added.
In the cupcake holders. I also brushes a bit of EVOO on top of each one for crispiness.


The avo mix.
Baked! Sophisticated tater tots achieved.


With the herbed cream cheese mix on top.
Sorry... blurry. The latke cupcakes are all the way at the back of the table. The other crostinis are in the foreground.