Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Mr Ivriniel’s maternal grandfather’s birthday party was on Saturday. Mr Ivriniel just told me something my FiL did prior to the party that I had to share.

We carpooled with my FiL part of the way. When we arrived at his house he was just getting out of the shower (despite the fact we were 45 min late). It was a nice day, so I sat outside waiting for him,while Mr I went in the house.

Apparently my FiL attempted to bring a 1.5 L bottle of vodka to the party. Mr I convinced him not to bring it.


Last week before the party my FiL had been trying to organize an intervention at the party regarding Mr. I’s drinking. My MiL convinced him not to. So now that the intervention was off the table, he was bringing booze? Cognitive dissonance much?

There was no booze at the party.

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