Woo-hoo! Party mission accomplished! Thanks for the help, y'all!

So basically, I did this nice spread (not pictured-pink and regular champs, or Patsy Stone):

I thought I had overdone it, and I didn't want to pressure my guests to feel like they had to be all fancypants. Just said for them to wear what was most comfortable for them. I think it mellowed them out a lot, and, it must be said, nothing like fancy food and drink paired with hella casual clothes. We all got along, which was great-talked about comics, movies, and absurd cults-and I met my friends BF (turns out we're both from the same town!). It was a great time.

Well...until the friend and her BF left and my other friend (super wasted) started crying about how a mutual friend doesn't care about her, and her guilt over hooking up with the mutual friends boyfriend. Then that friend and her boyfriend came over. High. Now my apartment smells like pot, and I know more than I should. Welp.


But still:

Moving on, to the second part of the post...sorry it's a long one y'all. So, basically, since I graduate next year, I want to go to Europe. Been before, many times, but I want to shake things up. I'm thinking Cannes, because I've always wanted to go to The Riviera. But maybe starting in London, because I like that city. Oh, and stopping by Italy to stay in our house (long story, involves my mom thinking the draft would come back and thus, my brother would be drafted). Any other destinations would be cool to hear about! I would rent apartments in both cities (except the house, because it's ours), because I have enough money to not stay in a hostel. But I have some jitters.


It looks like I may be going it alone. Which scares me, because I don't want to be creeped on, or stalked. Or Taken (hella irrational, I know). My dad would not go all Liam Neeson and would probably say "K', this saves us money anyways". I feel like these fears would hinder me from having fun...like, instead of going out, I would trap myself in my room and watch CNN international. A continuation of my dullness.

Also, I don't want to be lonely. I've never traveled alone before, and I asked my best friend and brother if they would come. Haven't heard back from my bestie, and my brother was all "Hell no am I traveling with my sister. Lame".

So, to my solo adventure seekers, should I be scared? And how do you travel alone? It should be said that I have mad anxiety. So...yeah.



Sorry if this is hella wonky sounding, bit hungover!