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Party Treats Advice Needed

So, I agreed to go to a Bunco party (what is this btw?) with my probably future sister-in-law. Everyone is bringing something, it's finger foods, so I figured I would do sweets.

I was originally going to do Chocolate Salted Caramel cupcakes, which are always a big hit. But I'm over making them. Then I was thinking mini-crack pies, but those need to stay chilled, so that won't work well.

So I'm thinking either bars or mini-pies (yes, I have a that mini-pie machine).

If I do pies, I will probably just pick up some Ruston peaches from the dude that sells them on the side of the road, and do mini peach pies. Which snooze.


If I do a bar, I could go with the german chocolate bar with caramel, pecans, and chocolate chips, which is always great and something I've loved with childhood. But I feel like something new, you know? So to the cookbooks!

The Dunbar looks delicious. Brown sugar, oats, caramel, chocolate chips? yes please.

Maybe a S'Mores Bar? (A long running joke in my family is my love of S'mores)

Screw it you guys, I want to make all of the bars in the Butter cookbook. All of them. And then eat them all.


If I was being more adventurous and had more time, I would try macarons for the first time with these Smores Macarons (what did I say about me and s'mores?)


Or maybe some brownie/peanut butter sandwiches?

Or Brown Butter Oatmeal Peanut Butter Caramel cookies?

I don't know you guys, help me decide. I have to decide tonight, so I can shop tomorrow night and bake Saturday morning (or Friday night, depending on a lot of factors).

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