How does it work?

In the Fluter Family, we tend toward outright aggression. None of this passive bullshit. It is direct. It is satisfying. It often involves cursing. It is our way!

That being said, now that I'm a MothaFucking Grownup™, Outright Aggression is not always an option. You have to get along with coworkers. Husbandly colleagues. People you'd really love to clock, or drop the c-bomb on, you have to grit yer teeth and smile and be all, "I'm so glad you're here."

We covered the whole my-teeth-are-breaking-from-the-gritting concept yesterday.

I need to craft the perfect passive-aggressive, "Did she just call me on my bullshit? I can't tell if she called me on my bullshit!" remark, and I have no idea how to begin.

GroupThinkers, Gather! Teach me to aggress passively. I promise to learn quickly.