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Passive Aggression from ABiL

So about two weeks ago it was Mr Ivriniel’s birthday and we went camping. Accordingly he turned off his phone.

When we got back, he was treated to a series of whining text messages from ABiL:

Why don’t you ever answer your phone?

Niece was so disappointed when you didn’t answer the phone so she could wish you happy birthday.


Answer your phone. We have a present for you.

And so on.

For the record, niece is three. She doesn’t understand the flow of time, and if she was upset, it is because the built up this phone call with her. Otherwise she wouldn’t have known it was his birthday. Also ABiL knew we were going camping.


There were several of these. Finally after another nagging text, Mr I called ABiL’s cellphone immediately.

The phone is answered by ASiL. ABiL is unavailable, so she starts talking. She goes on about how hard her life as a stay at home mom is, and then starts talking about how she quit her job because it was “Too stressful to work a four hour shift.”


Yes. She said working a four hour shift a couple of times a week was too stressful for her to handle. How did this woman make it into her 40’s?

Mr. I never got to speak to ABiL. He did get to speak to niece, who called him Babcia (Polish for grandmother.)

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