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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Passive Aggression in ye Office

"ye" was a typo but I like it.

My job is social media and blogging. Yes, I was texting at work. Oddly, I'm capable of texting and tweeting, but whatever. Instead of my manager telling me she doesn't like that and needs to see what I've been working on, she sent me to work in the call center, claiming they are "swamped." I'm all for pitching in if that's the case, but no, that is in fact not the case. I'm beyond pissed off - not because my behavior was acceptable, but because I'm being clearly punished like a child. And the result is me feeling like a petulant child, and I HATE THAT.


Kindly fuck off. If you have an issue with me in any way, as a manager, you need to clearly state that. Asshole.

Ugh, I made a huge mistake leaving my last job.

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