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Welcome To The Bitchery

Passive Aggressive Netflix

So, I've been binge watching House. It's a really fun way to future star cameo watch. Plus, it kind of became a roommate bonding show to watch. But I only saw like a season and a half or so, sporadically. So I was curious. This post is not about me rationalizing watching House.

So, in the the screen at the credits when Netflix is giving you the countdown to the next episode, instead of suggested titles, it was "Walk the Dog" with a picture of a dog with a remote in his mouth. This was right before the "Are You Still Watching...." screen.


SCREW YOU NETFLIX! I just walked my dog, which is why I paused the show for awhile. YOU'RE NOT MY REAL MOM! STOP JUDGING ME! YOU DON'T KNOW MY LIFE! HOW DO YOU KNOW I HAVE A DOG?

Does Netflix do this to anyone else, or do I have a serious problem?

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