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I need help crafting a note.


We live in a 4 level building. Above us are great people. Kind, considerate, sweet, ready to swap cat sitting duties...


And then a douche moved in. With a Jeep that has a modified tailpipe that roars 3 feet from our bedroom window at all times of the day and night. With a thumping bass that I've had to ask him to turn down 3 times after midnight. With loud ass friends who come over drunk on weekends...

And now with his skunky weed. GuyJinx and I are the only ones in our building that don't smoke but we really don't care that others do. 3rd floor uses a vape, 2nd floor lights candles, but basement does it in his bedroom (under ours) and I swear he must be buying it from the worst drug dealers ever.

So, how do I tell him to knock it the fuck off? I can't sleep! It smells like a dead skunk is rotting under our floorboards.

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