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I am positive many oldsters remember Pat Harrington. One thing I did not know was in 1967 in the Superman/Aquaman Show he had his own segment where he voiced The Atom.

You all I am sure know him best as Schneider the handyman at the apartment building where Anne Romano and her two daughters lived. The show was One Day At A Time from 1975 to 1984. An interesting character, a man who was a blusterous lecher and evolved into a surrugate father to Anne Romano’s daughters. He was always there for them and far more dependable then their own father. He was also a very funny yet realistic character.

It was a Norman Lear show. A personal favorite. It was a breakthrough show, a divorced mother and her two daughters. Alice was also a show about a divorced mother and son but show played more for laughs and started a year later although that was based on the movie Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore which precedes both. ODAAT focused on the reality of the situation with comedic overtones. It even had an episode about suicide by drug overdose.


I loved most about the show was the characters. In high school I loved Valerie Bertinelli’s character yet watching it again in the 90s I appreciated and loved Bonnie Franklin’s Anne even more. Amazing how time changes perspectives.

Well he and Bonnie are now reunited.

Here is a cartoon as Harrington as The Atom.

I know in 2015 a show like this would not be a breakthrough show. I do not think its been on the air in years but your thoughts for those who did not see it first run. Or anyone your thoughts on him or ODAAT.


I always feel a bit sad when an actor you grew up watching and still see in your mind’s eye as young died. TV keeps characters eternally young.

He was 86.

His wiki page https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pat_Harri…

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