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Path for Medical Research Question

I posted this last night, and I have a question that hopefully someone on here can answer.

I was under the impression that one would need to obtain a Masters before going for a PhD or MD (or both). I'm currently an English and Journalism major, and that's the path for the arts. BA then MA then PhD if you want. However, I was looking up the road to immunology and I spoke to my close friend who's also in a science field, and it seems that one can go from a Bachelors (in my case, it would be a BS) straight into a PhD and/or MD program.


Can someone confirm this for me? I didn't set my sights too far on this whole thing, as the farthest I looked into was grad school. It didn't even dawn on me that one wouldn't need an MA/MS to go for a PhD.

I'm just trying to get a good feel for the timeline and path of this. I have a general idea but some more specifics would be fantastic. The only thing I know for sure is that I need a BS in bio first, but after that I'm a bit lost on what the next step is.

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