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This afternoon I had this lovely little post from an organization called "The Fox Project" come across my feed:

So I am scrolling through the comments on it, when I see this obvious bit of trolling:


The comments in red are both from the same guy. The blue is a bunch of people commenting on the post.

I included a sample of what came after him to show all the good denizens of Facebook ignoring his rather obvious troll.

I however, was curious, wondering what would inspire someone to be so nasty on such a nice post? Did a fox steal his baby and no one believed him or something? So I clicked on him.

Not only is he a troll, he is a very unsophisticated one, as his entire Facebook is set public. Anyways, whatever the root cause of his hatred of foxes, he also felt the need to post this to his Facebook wall:


Actually, dude, there is really no evidence that you upset any fox lovers at all, since no one in the comment feed has addressed your trolling. Now calling for your friends to pile on just highlights what an ineffective little troll you are.

Truly this has to be about the saddest attempt at trolling I have ever seen.

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