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I found this book on my kitchen table this morning (apparently my husband just bought it yesterday and hasn’t even had a change to read it himself yet, oops) and like three pages in it instantly became my favorite thing.

It’s just so adorable and fun and delightful. And the writer and artists are women, which definitely shows in a good way I think.

Also, if Marvel decides to create a line of merchandise that consists of all of her cat-themed clothing and accessories I will happily give them all of my money.


The cat-theme is heavy in the art all the way through and I love it.

The writing is so light-hearted and wonderful. The art is also great, although I will say it’s kind of jarring that in some panels she randomly looks about ten years old.


I am immediately obsessed with this and want to spread the word to everyone!

Now I just have to wait a million years until the next volume of the trade paperback comes out.

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