In his new (?) Alex Cross novel his family had been kidnapped. During the first 50 pages a woman and a young man’s body is found with clothing, jewelry and same body size as his wife and son. The serial killer wanted to make Alex into a killer.

Stop hold the presses. Does that make sense? What serial killer does this? If you wanted to do this you do not kill other people which looks like the family members that a simple test will prove they are not the family members. Which gives hope to Alex to find all his family. If the purpose was to kill for you, kill his family members to make his mind unstable going from grief to hope would be the key.

Then I realized Patterson is hellbent on not killing off family members. These are not actors under contract. This is not a 1940 through 70s Hardy Boys novel or a modern comic mystery series ala Stephanie Plum but an adult serious mystery series. You do not sacrifice logic just to keep characters alive.


I think it was cowardly. It also was disrespectful to the smarts of the reader. Also it read like a Where In The US is Alex Cross he visited so many states from DC to Conn. to Texas to Louisiana.

And I thought Merry Christmas Alex Cross was bad.

You can predict the ending as soon as it was announced his wife and son was not the dead bodies.


2 out of 10. It was less then 400 pages hardcover that gets the 2 along with no spelling errors or grammar errors as I could tell.