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Another not just great TV icon and Oscar Winner but also a valient warrior for mental health has died.

She won an Oscar in 63 for her role as Helen Keller, she played two roles on Patty Duke Show. She was in many short lived shows in 79s and 80s. She played Ibelieve the first female president in a tv series as Julia Mansfield.


But as wonderful of an actress she was she was also a valient warrior and spokeswoman for mental health. She suffered from being bipolar and she came forward with it. She helped many others to come forward and she became their voice.

She was also considered for the role of Captain Janeway. She would have been my pick. Kate Mulgrew was excellent.

She also had a son Sean Astin. His father is John Astin the original Gomez Addams.


I am shocked this has not been posted here already.

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