Really some wonderful answers that were interesting. It interestng how a big case when one is growing up is nearly forgotten in later decades. I noticed the answers were fairly emotionly detached. Which is proper and makes sense. The further away one is the more detached you are.

Ok hippies. I connect hippies only with the fight against Vietnam War. Yes some hippies were involved with other issues but they are at least to me connected with the War. There were some who honestly believed the War was wrong and stood up against the War. Those hippes I resoect. That era gave us really good thought provoking music. Music you really do not hear today ie antiwar. There were also way too many hippies out there dor themselves to coopt the protests to have a good time. A late relative who got a scholarship and thus a deferment thought it was a really good idea to party and sell drugs. He got kicked out of school, vanished literally then reappeared as an alcoholic and died soon after of liver cancer, late 90s. You also had the hippies that protested against our soldiers, I hope these folks feel eternal shame.

You have to remember the backdrop of a war that was made up of a lot of young men drafted. Some terrorfied each week their number would be called. In high school in the early 80s more then one male teacher described what those nights were like waiting for your number then seeing their friends go and some never coming back or others never the same.

Then you had groups like the SLA and others who were into bombings. No these were murderous punks since innocents died. The true SJWs were folks like Martin Luthor King, those who marched in Selma.

Here are the stats for the war 58k casualties. A truly sobering number. A link to the rest

My opinion on hippies is kinda mixed, those who were true believers and did it peacefully I respect. Those who got deferments and protested solely for a good time while poorer and working class men and women died or came back injured. No. Those who blamed the soldiers, no respect for those. Those who created havoc violently. No.


Yet I grew up in an environment that hated the War but also hated hippies. I am shocked I have a more nuanced view of it. That era growing up in late sixties, well as a toddler then grade school and jr high during the seventies was such a complex era. This is why I love the eighties it was truly simpler in college we were more concerned about All My Children then what was going on. Politicians sure they fought but we knew end of the day they would work something out. We cannot say that today.

Oops.another wandering post.