Someone on Gawker the other day referred to these people as "Paulacost Deeniers" and I think it's perfect. The level of ignorance, stupidity and racism required to argue for this woman's behavior, words and attitude just boggles my mind.

Whenever you hear someone defend her, do you immediately judge them as racist or do you bother arguing with yourself to understand their point of view before ultimately coming to the "yup, they're racist" judgement.

It's like "secret-racist" BINGO whenever I'm witness to the conversation:

- but black people/rappers use the N-word! (if you're itching to use the word, you're racist)

- freedom of speech! (=/= freedom from judgement)

- Obama! (nope, try again)

- it's not fair to BAN Paula (that word does not mean what you think it means)

- I'm boycotting The Food Network (riiiiight, I'll bet they can go longer w/o you than you can go w/o them)


- that was normal then/she grew up in a different time (she knows better. full stop.)

- the lawsuit is a shake-down (these are her OWN words, given under oath; the plaintiff is white)