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Pawn Stars Richard "Old Man" Harrison Has Died

When the show first started I was a regular viewer. I really liked watching the odd stuff people would bring in and the history of the items. Also The Old Man was rather funny plus was practical.

After the Newtown shooting their having an antique gun on just about every episode annoyed me along with more and more time about the crew and less about the items. Also I increasingly found it harder and harder to believe Chumley was really that dumb. I have the feeling he was playing a character since in the real world with such delicate items someone like Chumley would have been let go. I suspect his antics were for the camera.

I know Richard has not been on the show for a few seasons and I have barely looked at the past few seasons. I vastly prefer American Pickers.


In retrospect I liked how the Old Man would cut through the BS with the family antics.

I liked how he looked at the worth of the item and not the sentimentality attached. He did it politely with the customers. He listened when a customer said item was “grandparents”. It adds nothing to the value. I have known people who cut people off when they say its family heirloom. I suspect many times its BS and just a way to get a few more dollars.

I wish they showed him more on the business side and less on arguing with his son, grandson and Chumley. I did also like the closeness he had with his grandson, who was mostly an insufferable jerk.


Anyone watched or watch it?

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