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Paying for autographs

Went to fanexpo, basically Canada’s Comiccon. This was the first year I bought an autograph and a selfie with a celeb because I decided I was okay with paying $40 for it.

Mark Hamill came, but he was charging $200 for an autograph or a photo. I debated it, but decided this was too much as it was most of my con budget, but didn’t think much of it. I went to his paid panel and his free one with Kevin Conroy (Batman). This was good enough for me.

Some guy and I started talking and he told me he went to Mark Hamill’s autograph session, refused to buy anything and just wanted to say hi and thank you. Mark Hamill said “hi” and then dismissed him. The guy was annoyed and thought Hamill was being rude. That he should have talked to him more and been happier to see him. I was shocked. I wouldn’t think of doing this, because they are working and you are paying for their time. He said that we as fans made his career, so we have the right to go up and just say hi. We shouldn’t have to pay. That it’s frowned upon to not pay, but you have the right not to buy anything. I had never heard of this. I don’t think this way, so I was really shocked to hear basically the opposite of what I think.


I did a photo-op and even though John Barrowman put his arm around me, I didn’t touch him. I let my arm float an inch behind him, to make it look like I was touching him, because I wasn’t sure if it was okay to wrap my arm around his waist. I’m probably being a little uptight there, but I also respect people and understand that maybe they really don’t want me touching them because they are in a show I like.

The guy’s attitude seemed really entitled to me. I’m a fan. yes, me being a fan helped their career, but they don’t owe me shit.

ETA: Apparently at cons they aren’t paid to be there. What they charge for photo ops and autographs is what they make that weekend. Stan Lee was $125. It might be different for comiccon, but this is what I was told about FanExpo.

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