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PayPal Account Type, Etsy Store, Or My Current Method?

Hey all! I'm participating in the GT Yard Sale, and I have way too much stuff I want to sell. I have no idea how to sell stuff online, and I need advice on how to do it the safe and easy way, and what type of payment account to use.

I'm a 'casual' seller, because I don't know how much I want to sell. I need to figure out how to get payment, and PayPal is super confusing. Especially setting it up-what type of account, how the payment works, where it goes, etc.

Also promoting it. I have the Google + thing, but I'm thinking just emailing iOS albums to people with interest. Or not. I donno.


Shameless self promotion: Email me at the.decadent.degenerate@gmail.com for information on pricing, more pictures, etc. I'll try to get the PayPal up and running soon.

Or is it easier to just give in and start an Etsy? I donno.


PPS: Lot's of my clothing is hella small, but purses are up for grabs! Also tell me your shoe size. 5-6 is my former ones, and I have a great collection.

PPPS: I have no clue how to do Google +, so here's my original comment or something.

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