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I am startng to think maybe we need a list of celebrity men who have not abused or sexually harassed anyone. It would be a shorter list.

Rose I always liked I thought he was smart, nice and would attack any man abusing or sexually harassing anyone. Yet I thought the same thing of Franken.

I wonder if men like Rose and Franken realize their actions against women are wrong so compensate by being supportive publicly for rights of women against abusers. Or they abuse and sexually harass believing their public actions and words would protect them. Or I do not know. There is such a dissonance between their public and private actions I do not know why there is such a dissonence.


Who do we trust? Who do we say “you know that’s the kind of guy I aspire to” when we discover their private actions reveal them to be a fraud.

Well my late grandmother and still living mother are right “trust no one”.

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