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This was on yesterday and I have been upset since.

My mother put on PBS and the show was Nature.

I got so angry watching it. The Nature crew was following Artic Wolves for a few months. They focused in on this one group of wolves. Beautiful dogs I wanted to hug them all.


This group there were pups two female dogs the mother and another were nursing these pups. The narrator said this is rare for pups to be nursed by the mother and another female.

Both female adult wolves had names given by narrator and team (?). It was winter and food was hard to come by. The nonmother wolf kept letting the pups eat her food so she was not eating. In a very weakened state from starvation she still let the pups nurse from her. The next day she died and her body blocked the entrence to the den. The mother took her pups elsewhere and that new place food was more plentiful. Other wolves in that pack followed also.

Now this is why I was angry. The crew by being there became part of the ecosystem. They had food and access to medication. They were filming specifically this pack yet they let this wolf starve to death.

Why? Because it tells a good story about plight of artic wolves? They named her and yet did nothing. There was zero reason for them to let her starve it was cruel.


I know they will claim “its nature”. Nope. You became part of the ecosystem by filming them. You have the knowledge to help them, to prevent her starving. To have the resources and to watch an animal starve to death is cruel. Even if it means removing her from the ecosystem and putting her in a preserve is better then having her starve.

I will not watch Nature again.

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