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PD support day?

I was just invited to a Facebook invite to wear blue September 1 in support of police.

This is a problem with PD/LEO and family/friends of PD/LEO. They confuse criticism of a historically racist and overall flawed system with personal attacks. Sure there are a few people out there that show up at demonstrations that hate all PD/LEO but that comes with the uniform. It can be upsetting to see but we need to remember that uniform signifies a historically racist and corrupt system that silences criticism with violence.

Since we get defensive about this legitimate criticism nothing changes. We ignore the racism and talk about how there are good cops or our husband/brother/friend is a good cop (I've been guilty of this). The problem isn't your husband/brother/friend. The problem is the system and until we acknowledge and address the history of racism and corruption in all police departments and how it is still a problem nothing will change.


I will not be wearing blue September 1.

[I apologize if I didn't go into depth on anything in particular. I was hoping for brief and succinct post on how I've been feeling the past week but I'm trying not to come off as "but what about me."]

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