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When I leave a friend, I often say "Peace". I suspect they read that as "Peace out" like a cheap catch phrase from the 80s. But my mother was a hippie, and so the concept of "peace" is deeper than that. (Cuz, like, the Vietnam war was problematic on a level we still don't understand).

When I greet a friend, I often flash the "peace sign" as a non-verbal acknowledgment of them. I suspect people think that I'm aloof, and above verbally expressing my joy at seeing them. But it's deeper than that.


Online, I avoid arguments. They seem like wasted effort. I suspect that other people online mistake this for either tacit agreement or ignorance or cowardice. But it's deeper than that.

I frequently read about people's struggles with depression, and while I don't often comment, I'm sensitive to it and I hear them. It's way way deeper than that.

Ultimately, I appreciate the serenity of peace and want that for everyone I care about, including my GT community.

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