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Peace Corps questions

As I implied yesterday, lately I've been really frustrated with my job situation and wanting to go back to school, but that's not really feasible right now because I don't know for sure what I want to study: getting a Ph.D. in English is probably not going to help my current job situation because it's so hard to get a position as a professor, and I'm not sure what else to do. And on top of that, GreenHunk needs to go back to school before me and we can't go back at the same time because money. I've wanted to go overseas and teach forever, but he can't come with me because he doesn't have a degree.

And then yesterday I had an idea: we could join the Peace Corps! We'd have to be married first to get stationed together, but it wouldn't be for at least a year anyway. But it would be interesting, I could teach, and it would maybe help us get better jobs and pay for school when we got home.


Has anyone done it? What should I know? What questions should I ask? Is it a good idea?

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