"Pray for peace" is a common refrain, usually by people who want violence to go away just by wishing for it. It's more about their personal comfort level and less about the injustice itself. Those words are something a child would say because a child can't understand the complexities of deep-rooted inequality and multifaceted history of oppression and discrimination. You might as well plug your ears or stick your head in the sand.

When a cable company monopoly overcharges you for years and tries to ruin your credit history, do you just "pray" in the hopes everything will all get sorted out? I doubt it. You take action immediately without even thinking about it.

Peace doesn't come from prayer. It never has, and it never will.

Peace comes when all individuals have equality. Peace comes when corruption is rooted out and effectively and publicly addressed. Peace comes when women are able to walk around alone at any time of the day and have no fear. Peace comes when mass shootings stop. Peace comes when citizens no longer have to worry if the police are going to open fire. Peace comes when everyone has access to education, healthcare, shelter, food, heat, jobs, loans, water, and transportation without having to work for slave wages. Peace comes when protesters can peacefully protest without getting maced. Peace comes when there's equal justice for all instead of only for those in certain income brackets. Peace comes when nonviolent offenders stop overcrowding prisons. Peace comes when government stays out of reproductive organs and trusts the owners of said organs to make their own decisions. Peace comes when adults stop hitting children under the guise of "discipline."



So people, namely those in my Facebook feed, stop posting pictures and videos of puppies and kittens as a way to make everyone (namely yourself) "feel better." If it makes you uncomfortable, then good. That's the point of emphasizing cruel injustices.

Stop making vague pleas for peace so that we can all "move on" from the latest tragedy. Stop wishing this would all just go away because prayer hasn't been and never will be the silver bullet solution to substantive, long-term change.