Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

We bought a rib roast on sale this weekend, a big one that we figured we would cut in half and freeze half. But when I took it out of the package, the bones would not let me cut it evenly in half, so I decided to de-bone it. I had seen it done on TV, so I got a sharp knife and got to it. It went surprisingly well, and I ended up with three meaty rib bones. When the roast was cooked and we were ready to eat, we gave the dogs one bone each.

Our dogs are terrible beggars, ordinarily, which is our fault. But last night, we ate our dinner entirely unmolested. Hot damn, they LOVED those bones. (we gave them to them raw, so they wouldn't splinter). Raw bones are supposed to be really good for dogs. But it was really cool to see how much they enjoyed them. It will only be a rare treat, but we will have to do it again. I wish I had videotaped it.


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