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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Peak Mommy Business

I’ve been flat~out working for 10 days now. A giant box truck parked in front of my house when I’m home, but my car 24/7 in my driveway. I’m gone by 5 am & home after 7 pm for quite awhile now.

My Mother knows this :) She can see my comings & goings from the comfort of her swanky recliner. Me & my sisters helped my parents live next door to me 10 years ago (WHY!? Yay??)


She called me 3 times today, which in fairness, I did not see until I got home tonight. When I saw the missed calls I was sure someone was in distress. There was a message...

The meat of it: “I don’t feel good. Bring me wine.” Haaaa haaa, crisis averted!

So, like a good middle daughter, I call the liquor delivery place & ordered a wine delivery to her, including tip. Call & talk with Mommy & tell her to excpect a delivery. Nitey, nite, right?


No. I hear a knock on my door. I think it’s the delivery person getting the address wrong, but it’s the delivery person...that MY MOTHER SENT BACK TO MY HOUSE TO DELIVER A HAT SHE KNITTED FOR MY ASSISTANT WITH A LOVE NOTE PLUS SPAGHETTI SAUCE!!!

Peak Mom :). You got any Peak Mom stories?

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