Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

A recipe I’m making this weekend calls for peanut oil. I’m hesitant to switch my home fryer over to peanut oil.

Because of how it’s designed it would forever be contaminated allergen wise. There’s currently no one in my house allergic to peanuts. But I do have guests with various allergies occasionally.

I usually use canola oil to fry in. Probably because that’s what we fry in for work. That’s also in case a customer has nut allergies. Plus for some reason some customers get so excited that we fry in canola. Shrug. (I don’t get some people)


You guys think it will make that big a difference if I don’t use peanut oil? It’s a clone recipe for slippery shrimp from Yang Chow in Chinatown Los Angeles.

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