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Photo from Kelly Lauren’s facebook post on Huston’s proposed law.

So, today I’m flying with a layover in Charlotte. I travel a lot (I’ve written about traveling while transgender here, before), but this is my first time traveling in my own country to a place that is openly, legally, hostile to transgender people.

It is a very weird feeling.

It also puts me a bit double bind. The law explicitly states that I need to use the restroom that aligns with the gender on my birth certificate but, I’ve had all my surgeries and I’ve had all my documents changed and I have no idea where my birth certificate is. Maybe my mom has a copy? I don’t know. My passport, driver’s license, and social security card are changed and the process of changing a birth certificate in my home state is kind of convoluted. I haven’t lived there in over a decade so I never bothered. If I use the women’s room I will probably not have a problem, but I am breaking the law. If I use the men’s room I will probably cause a scene and I will have no way to prove I am supposed to be there.


I want be clear, I’m really not scared something is going to happen. I am going to be fine. I am lucky. I pass well enough. I’m able to go out and about without makeup without getting clocked. I have made it through the Middle East several times without incident. I am not, personally, going to be oppressed by this law.

However, I could be.

And that is an uneasy feeling.

I don’t know if I’ll have to pee on my layover, but I put on a little extra makeup, just in case.

ETA: As expected: no privacy was violated, no rapes were committed, riots broke out, and no one’s precious/defenseless wife or daughter was in need of protection. Unexpectedly: my hair still looks great. I should take more time with it more often.


ETA2: I feel a little guilty being worried about this law when it's so terrible for so many other trans women and honestly, worse for many cis women than it is for me. It’s like I’m part of the group that is directly targeted by this law but not part of the group that is suffering because of it.

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