I have a terrible cough and I have stress incontinence. I hate this.

It started about five years ago when I had whooping cough. I coughed so much, it kind of blew my muscles. It’s gotten worse and worse to where I wear a panti-liner all the time in case I cough or sneeze.

Usually I don’t care but I’ve had a terrible cough for a couple weeks and it’s particularly bad at night. Tonight I’ve peed through several super-absorbant pads and two pairs of pj pants.


Yes I practice kegels. Yes I know my weight is a problem. I’m just miserable and needed to complain somewhere.

The $#$#^ cough medicine isn’t helping. I have to wait until 4:30 a.m. until I can take anything else.

See, this is when I’m thankful to be single.