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Penabler is going to HELP US MAKE THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!* How about you?

Cheerful_ExGirlfriend came up with this brilliant movie idea the other day (Working Title - Bad Government):

It's a brotastic buddy movie about two frat brothers who are serving their first term as representatives in congress.

The twist? One's a dem and one is full-tilt Tea Party, and he's the one who got the girl too! It's comedy with a heart! Also there is a goat (old frat mascot) for no good reason and it eats an important bill that would have actually ruined America had it been made law.


We then spent many, many, many hours working extremely hard and fleshing out the plot, character development and other important details which include but are not limited to (1) a fainting goat and (2) a feminist lady vet who saves the goat and captures the heart of the the Tea Party bro. You can check it all out here.

Now that Penabler has agreed to write the screenplay!!!!! - - we need the help of any of you with Hollywood connections (or maybe you're a self-starter with street smarts and a never give up attitude) to sell this bad boy. Note that we already have a television spinoff in the works - http://groupthink.jezebel.com/im-thinking-th…. Our specific (very reasonable) requirements are $$$$$$, first go at the craft services table, a seat with Tina Fey at the Emmys, a percentage of the back-end and Ari Gold be our agent (even if he's fictional)-this one might be negotiable.


You could be part of history/starting the new (future) trend of developing movies based on website comments sections. Just think of the possibilities.

Also, we really need some sort of direct messaging system to make this happen. I'll have to mull that one over.


*created in a comment section.

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