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Pending: mental break?

Soooo, guess whose Daughter (the 21yo, thank the gods) is in the midst of a pregnancy scare? She'd been on NuvaRing but "couldn't afford it" (THIS IS WHY PARENTS EXIST) and they've switched to condoms.

She's late. Pregnancy test showed negative, but when she saw it in the trash the next morning, it was showing positive. Tested at the clinic as negative, but will test again tomorrow, since it may be too early.


Her boyfriend is great, and they're definitely headed for marriage. But she's a semester and a half away from her degree. She's been pregnant once before, but this go-round she's actually that sort of sick-excited that comes with kind of wanting a tiny human.

I am... I mean.. whoa. This year has been one helluva ride.

ETA: My reaction is honestly kind of... bemused and horrified?

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