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Pending surgery whinge

my fiancé is having brain surgery on Friday, and I’m really struggling with feeling like our entire family and friends don’t really give a fuck. Like, i’ve received an email from my grandma asking for an update when he gets out of surgery, and that’s it. Not a peep from his dad or his brother or even plans from his mom to come see him post-surgery. All of my friends and family are leaving on vacations and business trips this week, so I understand not coming to see us, but not even a quick text to say “good luck, let me know how it goes”?

Perhaps this is normal, and my expectations are skewed from seeing my mom take meals to countless families after babies being born or major medical events when I was growing up. But in a way that makes it hurt even more - I know she’s capable of it because I saw her do it so much when I was a child. But now when it’s her own family, she’s too busy with her vacation plans to drop a text.

Maybe it’s our own fault for being fairly private people online. We don’t post much on Facebook except a picture here and there. We haven’t said anything about the surgery, so maybe the fact that we’re not reminding people every day with a countdown or anything means we’re not on anybody’s mind.


I dunno, i’m just feeling a little neglected by everyone I generally consider my most dearly loved, and I don't know how to ask for more support from them, or if it's even reasonable to expect it from them.

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