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Mr. Ivriniel is sick again. After several of some rather extreme lethargy, he developed a very sore throat on Friday with occasional bouts of nausea, just for variety.. This morning at 4 am, he woke me up saying, “I can’t breathe.”

I asked him what he wanted and he told me he wanted me to drive him to the emergency room. After sitting in a mostly empty waiting room for 4 hours (I left at one point to go home and book a supply teacher and email in a day plan) we were finally seen. By then, Mr. I was feeling a lot better. Apparently his breathing issue was phlegm build up in his throat in his sleep, and because his throat was so sore he had trouble clearing it.

His chest was clear, but his throat was very red. The Doctor said it was probably Strep Thoat, gave us a script and sent us on our way. He did not do a throat swab to determine if it was strep or not, which struck me as odd, given that they now have a quick test for strep throat, and they are supposed to be more careful about prescribing antibiotics these days.


Anyways, after going back to bed for a while, I went and filled his prescription. As you may have gathered from the title of this post he was prescribed penicillin. I did not know penicillin was even prescribed any more. Is it even effective in this day and age, or is this essentially a placebo to try and placate us?

Oh, and within ten minutes of Mr. I having his first dose, he puked it back up. *sigh*

If this is strep throat and not something viral, then it is the fourth bacterial infection he has had in 7 months (the other three were skin infections) . I think he needs to ask for a referral, though I am not sure to whom. An immunologist?

I was talking to his sister the other day who is an RPN, and she says she is worried he is immnocompromised. She pointed out that their Mom has lupus. I asked Mr. I if he had included his Mom’s lupus in his medical history, and he said no, so at the very least he needs to tell the GP that when he sees him next.

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