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Penny Arcade Response to Diversity Hub & Lounge

...from President of Operations and Business Development Robert Khoo...

In part—

A few months ago when the idea was bouncing around, we reached out to a friend of ours, Benjamin Williams (co-founder of Queer Geek and GaymerX) to help with the concept and execution. Together, we've been working to create something that both celebrates and raises awareness of different, underrepresented gamer groups while also encouraging attendees to discover where all the different diversity-driven content at the show can be found. (Although we've always had this content at the show, we wanted to give people an easier means of finding it)

Based on feedback from previous shows, it's clear that having a diverse lineup of both content and exhibitors is something folks want, but the reality is that some of those places might not be able to afford a booth. So we carved out a large room at the show in a high traffic area that highlighted some of these great organizations and offered tables to them for free.


Now. You will hear zero defenses from me regarding PA's... shall we say "absolutely fucking shittastic" crap, especially and recently regarding the transgender community. But I must say that I thought the Diversity Hub and Lounge sounded like, potentially, a really cool idea and a step in a great direction for an organizations whose figureheads have (royally) fucked up, but expressed a desire to do better. So, call me a dreamer, but I'm willing to be optimistic here.

Thoughts? Arguments? Hurled rotten tomatoes?

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