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Welcome To The Bitchery

Is anyone else watching this show? It’s been doing really interesting things from a feminist perspective. I’m itching to do a full critique analyzing it, but I’ve got other shit to write right now. [vague spoiler alert]

That’s not to say Penny Dreadful is without its fail! moments (Season 2 in particular with killing off Trans and PoC characters. No, adding a really interesting and conflicted PoC character doesn’t make up for killing the only one you had previously . . . and I know that getting mixed up with Dorian Gray spells bad things for an innocent, but it’s still Bury your Gays), and I really felt like it was losing its way in Season 2. But Season 3 has gone from strength to strength, I think, and while I probably won’t see the last episodes for a couple weeks after they air, I’m looking forward to that finale more than other shows I’m watching right now. (Yes, that includes Game of Thrones.)


Anyhow, season 3 has been pulling all the threads of Women who Don’t Fit In Society and Women who Refuse to Submit.

On another note, I think the best on-screen Dorian Gray yet has been joined by the sexiest on-screen Dracula yet.

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