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Inane penny-pinching grumble

I just got this month's phone bill, and stupid habits can add up to expensive really quick.

We still pay for a landline and get our internet bundled with that. It's a cost I expect. But, calls from the landline to mobiles are ridiculously priced. Fine, obviously the answer is to use your mobile when you're calling someone's mobile.

Mr lurker has a long habit of phoning his folks every day when he gets home from work. (Sure, that's awfully in each other's pockets for my family culture, but families work different. I don't resent that.) Up until recently, that was always calling their land line from our land line, and wasn't an extra expense. But with the arrival of the little niece, it's turned into a constant paranoia about calling the landline because "you'll wake the baby", so he calls their mobiles. Considering that with his mobile plan network to network calls are free, not a problem, right? Except no. He's still in the habit of picking up the land line to call.


This month's bill has the price of a new slow cooker in calls that could have been free if he'd just remember to pick up the phone sitting next to him instead of walking across the room to pick up the phone in the cradle. I'm a tad annoyed. (Our slow cooker is starting to rust at one point, so I've been pricing new ones.)

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